Meet Our Team

callaghan murphy

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer; 9round certified kickboxing instructor; first aid/CPR certification; Bachelor of Kinesiology and Health Promotion⁠⁠

GT CrossFit coach, GT Burn coach, One on one personal training, the "smiley" coach! ⁠⁠

After dislocating 2 vertebrae and ribs in a rugby incident Cal was told he would not workout again, and would be in a wheelchair by 40. Taking this as a challenge he sought out an osteopath for rehab, soon he was able to return to light activities. While studying at Sheridan college he found a passion for strength and conditioning while interning at 3 universities he began to increase his training intensity. After a year he set his sights on competing in a powerlifting meet. After his meet with encouragement from friends he joined CrossFit and has been addicted to the workouts since! CrossFit has presented a new challenge and new competition goals!⁠⁠

Adam Glynn

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer; First Aid/CPR certifications; Bachelor of Sport and Physical Education⁠⁠


CrossFit and GT Burn Coach. Varsity class coach. The "nicest" coach! ⁠⁠


As a former University hockey player, Adam found CrossFit as a way to train for the upcoming seasons (wish he started sooner) and now it has quickly become a passion to further improve his fitness while also promoting a healthy and physically active lifestyle to his students as a High School Phys Ed. Teacher.⁠⁠


Gail Cartwright

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit gymnastics course.

CrossFit Coach & GT Burn Coach. Rowing technique connoisseur. If you take a class with coach Gail, listen and you will always walk away having learned something new.

37th worldwide in the 2021 open 65+ division. Fittest in Canada.

2x CrossFit games competitor 60+ division.

Alex Kynaston

Certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer and lifelong coach.

He is the coach that will have you working your absolute hardest, no slacking on his watch.

He will ensure you have a true understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it and he will be sure you do it well! ⁠⁠


If you think he is intense in the gym, you should see him on the side of the soccer pitch! ⁠⁠

Mercedes Hall

CrossFit Online Level 1; NCPP Level 1 Gymnastics, NCPP Special Olympics Competition Coach, First Aid/CPR-HCP certifications, Bachelor of Education

Owner and operator of GT Athletics

Former provincial level gymnast, golfer and snowboarder, Mercedes was always involved in high level competitive sports. After years away at university and travelling, fitness had taken a back seat. It took some persuasion to get started, but once it clicked, CrossFit became a way of life.

Now Full-time mom, elementary school teacher and small business owner, CrossFit is the glue that keeps it all together.

Teighan Davies

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer; Standard First Aid & CPR C certification; Mental Health First Aid certification; Bachelor of Physical Education; Bachelor of Education.

CrossFit and GT Juniors Coach.

Teighan has always loved a challenge and she was delighted when she found CrossFit after graduating from university. CrossFit continues to test her limits every day and she loves seeing others push themselves as well! She developed a passion for the sport but fell in love with the community. As a Health & Physical Education teacher, Teighan aims to translate the CrossFit values into her teaching and her overall lifestyle!