At GT Athletics, we do pure classic CrossFit, and we've been doing so since 2012, with great success and results.

CrossFit provides an unparalleled dose of strength and conditioning, in a welcoming, professional and encouraging environment. We take aspects from weight lifting, gymnastics, and endurance training and put them together to create fun, challenging workouts, unlike anything you've done before. Every workout is different, and every day you'll become a little more fit. Yet, the number one thing that sets us apart, is the community. There's nothing quite like the community you'll find at GT Athletics. The people you sweat with everyday, become an extension of your family, or even become family (we've had marriages).

CrossFit will change the way your train forever.

GT Burn

Our GT BURN program is a 45-minute cardio and core intensive workout that does not require any prior Crossfit experience, but does require the willingness to work hard! These classes are not easy, they are as hard as you want to make them, and your are guaranteed to sweat.

Love CrossFit or the idea of CrossFit, but some of the movements or equipment seem intimidating? This class is your answer. We take the best aspects of our CrossFit training protocol, and take a more cardio focused approach. We've removed the barbells and high skill gymnastics movements and focus on dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio, and bodyweight movements. This is also why our GT BURN program is a great place to start your journey with us, even is your plan is to eventually join our CrossFit program.  

GT BURN is a great way to mix it up for our CrossFit members as well, looking to ramp up the cardio a couple times a week.

Private Training

30 mins. Skill Sessions

Looking to nail those pesky double-udders? Want to string together toes-to-bar? Snatch needs some refinement?

  • Half hour personal training skill session with a coach
  • To work on skill/movement of your choice
  • Cost: $40

  • A must for anyone new to CrossFit and looking to start with CrossFit GT
  • Mandatory four foundations sessions must be taken
  • Occur half hour prior to your first 4 classes,
  • Cost $40 a sessions.

GT Athletics Kids

Our GT Athletics kids membership allows access to classes once a week on Thursday evenings. Introducing our kids to an active healthy lifestyle.

- Juniors (age 7-9) 5:00pm
- Varsity (age 10+) 6:00pm

All of our youth classes provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn and explore movement and fitness.

Our younger age groups will begin to learn functional movements, and exercises through games and fun based activities.  

Older children will take a more serious approach to fitness, and be taken through age appropriate workouts, and strength training.